Monday, January 3, 2011

Post-Holiday Blues---How To Help Your Kids Shake It Off

After weeks of no school, being off schedule and enjoying the rush of the holiday season, it’s hard for kids to get back into the swing of things. Often times, kids can get what I call the “post-holiday blues.”

Most families go strong from Halloween to the New Year, and then all of a sudden, it slows down and the social calendar is not as full. Kids can get bent out of shape when they are not constantly on the go after many months of going full throttle.
What can we do to get our kids to calm down after many weeks of sensory overload and get them back on schedule?

- Go to bed at normal times and get plenty of sleep. Also, make sure you are eating healthy and nutritious meals. The holidays sometimes bring too many sweet treats, and it’s important to start focusing on eating a balanced diet again.

- Try to get outside each day, even for just a little bit. In the winter, we tend to huddle up and stay inside. Fresh air can do wonders, though, so bundle up and let your kids explore the great outdoors.

- Resume normal activities and get back on a schedule. Children thrive on consistency, and that is the best thing you can give your children after the busyness of the holiday season.

- Exercise is a great way to improve everyone’s mood. Take your kids outside to run and play! If the weather is too cold or rainy for outside time, turn on some music inside and dance away the blues. If you get your kids moving, it will surely put a smile on their faces.

- Take some time to relive the holidays. Talk to your child about their favorite memories, traditions and presents. Show them pictures and home videos from the past month. You’ll both remember the holidays fondly.

- Plan something to look forward to in the coming months. Maybe it’s time to go on a family trip to the zoo or a local museum, or it can be as simple as family movie night, but try to get something fun on the calendar that you can focus your child’s attention on. Let him know there are fun things to enjoy year-round.

- Remember that returning to school may be tough for your children. Remind them of all the friends they will get to see and fun school activities that are right around the corner. Try to be as positive about going back to school as you can.

Good luck beating the post-holiday blues. Hopefully these tips will help ensure a Happy New Year for all!

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