Monday, December 27, 2010

Can’t Find a Baby-Sitter on New Year's Eve? No Worries!

Every year since we had kids, my husband and I look at each other as New Year’s Eve rolls around and say, “What are we going to do this year?” It’s become a holiday we look forward to see come and go because it is so hard to find a baby-sitter. What usually ends up happening is we put the kids to bed and try to stay up and watch the ball drop on TV, but rarely do we actually make it to midnight. (Kind of sad, huh? We know other parents out there can relate!)

How can you celebrate New Year’s Eve once you have kids? What are some fun things you can do if you find yourself without a baby-sitter (again)?

- Find other couple friends who have kids and team up to celebrate the New Year. Let the kids all play together while you to enjoy adult conversation. Celebrate New Year’s Eve before the children go to bed. Do a countdown early and let the kids have New Year’s hats and noisemakers.

- Start a new family tradition. Pick a (family-friendly) restaurant to go to each New Year’s Eve. Dress up and celebrate the holiday by having dinner out together. Only go to the restaurant on New Year’s Eve so it becomes a special place for your whole family.

- Celebrate “Noon Year’s Eve” instead of New Year’s Eve. Host a party at your house for friends and family and do a big lunch for everyone. Count down at noon instead of midnight and you’ll feel like you celebrated enough by the time midnight actually rolls around. Don’t forget to give your spouse a Noon Year’s Eve kiss at the stroke of noon!

- Create a time capsule on New Year’s Eve with your family. Fill a shoebox up with pictures and mementos from the past year. Talk about your favorite memories from the year and then bury your time capsule in the backyard.

- Find a local community event that is kid-friendly. Many towns and cities have “First Night” events that are alcohol free, low-cost, and fun for the whole family.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and safe 2011!

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