Friday, February 29, 2008

Pajama Party!

Check out these pajamas by New Jammies! Each time your child steps into their New Jammies, the colorful patterns of fruits and vegetables will come to life, not to mention teaching your child about things that are good for them!

New Jammies are made of 100% natural organic cotton. Parents can sleep easy knowing their children are safely tucked in bed with only the purest fibers on their skin.

Pure and Honest Kids carries the Apples, Bananas, Sweet Peas, and Carrots Jammies for toddlers! Each set of pajamas comes with a book, "Fruits and Veggies", "Counting My Fruits and Veggies", or "Tales From New Jammies Land" (age appropriate based on the size of the pajamas), as well as a New Jammies gift bag for your pajamas- great for traveling. Just put your Jammies inside your bag and go!

Visions of apples, bananas, peas and carrots will be dancing in your children’s heads!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hop To It!

Hop to it and check out the new Easter egg set from Yellow Label. These knit pastel Easter eggs are a must-have for the Easter holiday this year. Hours of fun await your little ones with these colorful, fun and safe eggs- hiding and finding them all day long!

This set of five beautifully patterned hand knit pastel Easter eggs in a little crocheted basket are perfect for springtime fun. Your child can enjoy an Easter egg hunt any time with this great gift. All Yellow Label Kids products are 100% made by hand, not machine made with a few hand-touches. Also, Yellow Label Kids supports Fair Trade, which ensures the artisans who create the products are paid living wages.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Arrivals!

If you already have a Penelope Peapod doll/purse set, you’ll love these new accessories! If your little one does not have a Penelope Peapod, it is a must have for any little girl.

Penelope Peapod is fun and fashion combined. Little girls like to carry a handbag, just like mom, and with Penelope Peapods, your child’s doll can go along for the ride, too! Both a doll in a bassinet, and a sweet, stylish handbag, Penelope Peapod is available in a variety of fabrics, from preppy to funky, classic to sweet. It is the perfect accessory and toy for every little girl on the go.
Now, new to Pure and Honest Kids, you can now make sure your Penelope Peapod is the best dressed on the block! We now have tons of Penelope Peapod outfits and blanket sets to change up your doll’s clothes.

Also new to Pure and Honest Kids, we also have available Penelope Peapod high chairs, changing tables, rocking cradles, and even a Penelope Peapod puppy!

Penelope Peapods' new Playroom furniture will help your child create a stage for hours of pretend play. Your little girl will love all the new accessories to make her Penelope Peapod complete.

Order your Penelope Peapod and all her furniture and accessories today! Finally, a toy that is both pure and honest!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just for Mom!

A special gown for a special delivery….

Designed with your comfort in mind, a dearjohnnies nightgown is the perfect accessory for any mommy-to-be. They are stylish, comfortable and a fashionable alternative to the hospital night gowns that are provided for you during labor and delivery.

Dearjohnnies can be worn during labor, in the days after your birth, and at home the weeks to follow.

Every woman who's given birth knows you feel somewhat unattractive immediately after the event. Wearing a used, oversized gown with the hospital's name stamped on it reinforces that feeling. You’ll appreciate the soft fabric, charming prints and loose fitting design of your dearjohhnie. Each gown has snap-down sleeves for breastfeeding and ease of access for medical attention. Also, each gown has snaps that close down the back to keep you covered from behind.
You’ll look more than presentable for visitors-you’ll look down right cute--- and most importantly, you’ll feel better about your appearance!

Dearjohnnies special delivery nightgowns embody the idea that having a baby is an extraordinary experience and moms deserve to wear something better than an ordinary hospital gown.

Size S/M typically fits women who were pre-pregnancy size 2-8; size L/XL fits pre-pregnancy size 10-16; and size Plus fits pre-pregnancy size 16-24.
Gowns are made of whimsical 100% cotton prints, trimmed with grosgrain ribbon.

This is a great item to add to your Pure and Honest GiftList registry!


Monday, February 4, 2008

Looking For That Perfect Baby Gift?

Looking for that perfect baby gift? Look no further than the Baby Bunch! The Baby Bunch is the cutest baby gift ever. It comes in both pink and blue and is the most useful, stylish “bouquet” any new mother or father will ever receive.

Each Baby Bunch is filled with super-soft 100% cotton baby clothes carefully rolled to look like rosebuds, and surrounded by fabric and filler flowers for a realistic look! The Baby Bunch comes with six pieces of essential baby clothes, including one bib, one t-shirt, one hat, two pairs of socks and two onesies, suited for babies aged 0-6 months.

Perfect for newborns, the Baby Bunch is safe for hospital delivery when a real flower bouquet may not be permitted. This unique baby gift is also perfect for baby showers and serves well as a practical alternative to giving flowers for any home visit to the happy new parents. The Baby Bunch is beautifully wrapped in tissue and nesteled in an attractive floral gift box with a clear presentation lid- perfect for shipping!

Order yours today!