Saturday, February 28, 2009

Words of Advice to Nicole Ritchie: How Does a Second Pregnancy Differ from the First?

Are you expecting for the second time? Congratulations! Women like celebrity Nicole Ritchie, who is expecting her second child, are excited and anxiously awaiting the new arrival, but what should they expect will be different this time around?

Despite being a veteran of pregnancy, labor and delivery, there are some surprising differences to look out for. Here are some words of advice for Nicole and other moms that are in the midst of their second pregnancy.

Rest when your baby is resting.
You will find yourself more tired with this pregnancy because of the demands of your other children. You should try to rest when your children are napping. Also, don’t take on too much, especially during the first trimester. Enlist Dad, family and friends to help you with your older children and the household chores when possible.

Bond with Baby Number 2!
During your first pregnancy, you probably could not read enough about pregnancy, the labor process, and about newborn babies! This time around, since you know more what to expect, you may find yourself not as emotionally invested in this pregnancy. This is by no means an indication that you love this baby any less! You just have more on your plate this time around. Take some time to enjoy this pregnancy (even though you have other children to look after!) Take time each day to bond with your baby by doing deep breathing, visualizing the nursery, and reading about the growth and progress of baby number two.

Physically, this pregnancy could be tougher, so take care of yourself.
Because your uterus has already expanded once before, the pulling sensations and tugging will occur earlier than in your first pregnancy. Your abdominal muscles are also already stretched out, so you are likely to carry your second baby lower, therefore the urge to urinate often starts earlier. You may also experience increased pelvic discomfort from the additional pressure on your bladder during this pregnancy. Make sure to look after yourself and listen to your body. Take the time to eat right, exercise and rest, and it will hopefully subside the physical pain of second pregnancies!

Yes, that was your baby kicking!
You are likely to feel your baby much earlier this pregnancy, too, because you know what it feels like and because everything has already stretched out. With first time pregnancies, you usually feel your baby moving during the fifth month. With subsequent pregnancies, you can feel your baby move as early as four months!

Pull out the maternity clothes earlier this time.
Again, because your uterus has already stretched and expanded once, you are likely to “show” earlier than you did before. Expect to show about a month earlier than you did with your first pregnancy. Go ahead and pull out your maternity clothes and dress comfortably!

Do not worry about loving the new baby as much as your other children!
So many mothers worry that they could not possibly love this new baby as much as their first born. Let me assure you, as soon as your new bundle of joy arrives, that notion will fly out the window! Just remember this baby is different and special, and you have more than enough love for all your children!

Try not to relive the past.
If you had a troublesome pregnancy or labor and delivery last time, you may find yourself already worrying about past problems reoccurring. Try to remember that every pregnancy is different, as well as labor and delivery, so don’t borrow trouble! Be sure to ask questions and voice concerns to your doctor or midwife, and talk to your partner about any fears you may be having. Share with others your concerns so you don’t feel alone in this process. Your baby will be here soon enough, so take care of yourself in the meantime, and enjoy your pregnancy.

Remember, every pregnancy is different. You could feel better than ever this time around, but don’t be alarmed if you don’t since you have a toddler or preschooler you are chasing around. Enjoy this miracle of life and soon you’ll have a new baby to hold in your arms!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Naptime Woes---Is Your Child a Happy Napper?

Napping is an important part of your baby’s day. If you are anything like me, your child’s naptime is also a time for you to re-coop, refresh and re-focus on the second part of your day. But what happens when your baby or toddler doesn’t nap? In our household, that means meltdowns are certain to occur (from my two-year old and occasionally, from myself!) What are some ways to help get your child’s naptime back on track?

1. Read your child’s signs.
The number one resistance to naps is because children are overtired. Look for the following signs of sleepiness and make sure you heed them: rubbing eyes, yawning, slowing down, and fussiness. If you ignore your child’s “sleep signs,” you run the risk of ending up with a cranky, overtired baby.

2. Make sure your child’s room is conducive to sleeping.
Is the room dark enough during the day? Consider getting shades or blinds for your child’s windows. Are the sounds from outside your child’s room cutting naptime too short, or marking it difficult for your child to settle down for sleep? Think about getting a noise machine or fan to cut down on some of the distractions that come from the great outdoors.

3. Establish a routine.
Let your child know it is time to settle down by creating a naptime routine that will become part of your child’s every day schedule. All activities leading up to naptime should be consistent each day. Songs, stories, soft music, rocking, or cuddling are some things that have helped many parents get their children ready for naptime. One example of our routine we do with our toddler is to read two to three books at naptime. We always end the reading time by reading her favorite “Naptime” book. It is a great reminder to her that it’s time to be a “happy napper,” just like the child in the book! Whatever your routine is, as long as it is consistent, it will cue your child that it is time to settle down and have naptime.

Remember, sleep is an important part of overall health for your child. Your child is growing rapidly both mentally, emotionally and physically, so ensuring your child is getting enough sleep is vital. Pure and Honest Kids wishes all of you happy naptimes for you and your children!

How many naps a day does your child take? Vote in the poll to the right!

How do you keep your little one being a happy napper? Post it in the comments section below.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Combating the Winter Blues

Inside Ideas for You and Your Children

Do you have the case of the winter blues? Has spring fever set in, yet the frigid temperatures outside are keeping you and your children from enjoying the great outdoors? Here are some tips on how you and your “pure and honest” kids can cope with the last few weeks of winter.

1. Arts and Crafts= Hours of Fun!

Kids love to make art projects, so it’s time to get creative! Go to your local arts and crafts supply store and stock up on glue, construction paper, feathers, beads, child-friendly scissors, Popsicle sticks, and anything else that your child might be able to make into a masterpiece. No need to spend a lot of money on your art supplies. You can even use items you already have in your home, such as paper plates, dried pasta and empty milk cartons. You and your child will have a ball together while the time just flies by!

2. Books, Books and More Books!
On cold or rainy days, encourage your child’s mind to run wild with reading time! Create a corner in a room that is a special reading area. Choose a few books each day to read with your child and then act out different parts of the story. For instance, if the book is about camping, get some sheets or towels and make a tent with your child, and act out parts of the book. Your child will love it as you make the pages on the books come alive!

3. Become a Gourmet Chef!
Make mundane household tasks, such as making dinner, a fun activity for you and your child. Teach your children how to measure and mix ingredients and voila…dinner is served! You will have both a yummy meal ready for dinner and your child will feel special as your assistant chef! Also encourage your child to set the table for you. You can even allow them to even invite their favorite stuffed animals to have a pretend meal while you are waiting for your feast to finish.

4. Choose Your Own Adventure at Local Museums and Libraries!
Don’t forget about the resources you have where you live. Visit your local library, check out your county’s Parks and Recreation Centers for special indoor activities, and be sure to visit museums and play spaces suitable for your little ones. Many of these activities are free, and are a great way to beat the winter blues.

5. Games, Cards and Puzzles, Oh My!
Don’t forget old fashioned board games, card games and puzzles! Your children will light up as you teach them how to play “Go Fish,” Memory, Monopoly and more! And a challenging puzzle can certainly help keep winter boredom at bay! These are great activities you can do together as a family.

Now you are ready to tackle the rest of the winter season with these educational and fun activities suitable for the whole family! These tips from Pure and Honest Kids will hopefully help you cure the cold-weather blues!

Do you have any ideas to share on how to combat the winter blues? Post them in the comments section below.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PHK Outlet!

Looking for an incredible deal? Be sure to check out the Pure and Honest Kids Outlet section of the Web site! This is where we post all our Final Sale items. You are sure to find the best deals around at the PHK Outlet!

From clothes for boys and girls to gifts, gear and more, you are sure to find a fantastic deal on our super clearance items!

These Final Sale items are hard to pass on…so shop the PHK Outlet section today! Just remember, these special deals are Final Sales and cannot be exchanged or returned. Check back often as we are constantly adding new items to our PHK Outlet section. Happy shopping!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring is in the Air! The 2009 Spring Daily Tea is Here!

Extra, extra, read all about it! The Spring line of Daily Tea is now available at Pure and Honest Kids!

Daily Tea, from the Tea Collection, are mix-and-match knits that are inspired by the everyday world of play! You’ll love the colors, comfort and style of this adorable line. You must check out the Spring line of Daily Tea! Fresh, lively color palette and new silhouettes with bold, exciting prints will make you ready for spring days!

The spring line of Daily Tea for girls features tropical blooms, bold stripes and candy dot prints in cheerful Spring colors of Raspberry Pink, Citron Yellow, Key Blue and Spring Green. Asian influence is abundant in the dresses, fashion tops, and the new Mandarin girls’ tunics.

The Spring 2009 Daily Tea collection for boys is equally as charming! It features distressed prints of insects and lizards in beautiful blue jewel tones of Royal Blue, Seaglass and Lake Green! You’ll love the cool, stylish graphics on t-shirts and pants in comfy 100% cotton knits.

Check out some of our favorite pieces below. Happy shopping!

Daily Tea Chameleon Stripe Tea
Awesome in orange! A super-cool chameleon stripe graphic has been screen printed on soft cotton jersey. Contrast indigo collar. Snaps at neck on infant sizes. Embers. 100% cotton. Machine wash.

Daily Tea Frog Double Decker Long Sleeve Tea
He'll look so adorable in this big kid-inspired layered look! Soft, knit jersey tee with built in sleeve for a cool layered look. Oversized frog graphic boys will love. Snaps at neck on infant sizes. Royal Blue. 100% cotton. Machine wash.

Daily Tea Kiddo Frog Pants
A frog for your Prince! These soft French terry pants are sure to be a favorite. Large frog graphic on the right leg, that boys are sure to love. Large front pockets. Carob. 100% cotton. Machine wash.

Daily Tea Blossom Mandarin Tunic
Spruce up for Spring with this cheerful long-sleeved wardrobe staple. This new floral long sleeve mandarin tunic is the perfect transition piece for spring. Pair with our solid or stripe bootcut leggings. Milk. 100% cotton. Machine wash.

Daily Tea Geo Floral Wrap Tunic
We love the Daily Tea tunic for baby girls! The traditional wrap tunic updated in a cool geo floral print for spring. Pair with our favorite bootcut leggings. Key Blue. 100% cotton. Machine wash.

Daily Tea Raspberry Solid Long Sleeve Top
This long-sleeved pink tee is the perfect piece to take your baby girl from early Spring all the way to Summer! Layer this picture-perfect shirt under your favorite short- sleeved dress or tunic to get tons of wear out of your favorite new pieces. 100% cotton. Machine wash. Raspberry.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Valentine's Day Gift to You!

Pure and Honest Kids wants to make sure you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

We are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders for today and tomorrow (February 13 and February 14!)

Just use the Promo Code FREELOVE when you check out. This special offer applies to standard Domestic and Canadian shipping only.

Don't forget all the special people in your life...purchase a special gift for that special someone at Pure and Honest Kids! Check out our Valentine's Day section here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day is Right Around the Corner!

Show your little cupcake how much you love them with a special "Cupcake" Valentine's Day gift from Pure and Honest Kids!

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, come check out the great gift ideas for your loved ones!

We created a Valentine's Day section on our Web site to make your shopping easier! Check it out here.

Organic Long Sleeve Cupcake T-Shirt
Dress your little cupcake in this long sleeve tee made from premium organic cotton. The Cupcake shirt features a comfortable lap neck so you can easily dress your baby. Organic baby clothes are machine washable and dryable and packaged in Kee–Ka's signature eco–friendly brown box. Organic baby clothes from Pure & Honest Kids are made with 100% organic cotton that was grown without pesticides or chemicals. Breathable, organic baby clothes keep even the most sensitive skin cool and dry in the summers and toasty warm in the winters.
This is the perfect sweet treat for your little sweetie! Your little cupcake is going to love this super–soft organic cotton towel with a hood. The warm pink French terry bath towel is trimmed in natural chocolate brown binding and embroidered with a cupcake. Includes a matching wash cloth. Minimize allergic reactions and protect the environment with organic baby clothes—the natural choice for your beautiful baby. The machine washable and dryable towel measures 34"x36" (bath sheet size). Certified Fair–Trade.
Dig into this tasty assortment of play cupcakes-yummy! The cupcakes are soft, richly textured and colorful, making them a perfect toy for babies. Older siblings will love the cupcake assortment from Yellow Label Kids, too! Big brother or sister can serve them up at a birthday party or in a play kitchen. The wrappers on these cupcakes peel down making them fun for little hands. Set of four with fabric box.Yellow Label Kids works with the Fair Trade Federation to ensure that the artisans crafting their products receive real living wages.

Cupcake Baby Pajamas
Aren't these fun little Cupcake pajamas just the cutest thing you've seen?! Covered in yummy sprinkled and cherry topped cupcakes, this two piece pajama set with long pants and a lap shoulder long sleeve shirt is perfect for sweet dreaming. 100% cotton. Machine wash.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dress in Style on Valentine's Day!

Be the most stylish Valentine on the block with these cute accessories and clothing from Pure and Honest Kids!

This sweet little shirt will touch her heart! Very soft cotton heart t–shirt pairs great with the purple pleated pant! Deux Par Deux's heart detail is so sweet and sleeve and hem ruffles give this not so average t–shirt so much flair. Machine wash.

Covered in love! From Claesen's, this great little romper is girly and fresh! Covered in hearts and trimmed in bright green! 100% cotton. Machine wash.

Because she's so girly...all the way down to her toes! These adorable Love Flower baby shoes from Jack and Lily are handcrafted in Canada from premium "lamb touch" leather for a unique softness and a snug–yet–flexible fit that's just perfect for your baby. Their soft, flexible and skid resistant suede soles with gently–elasticized ankle provides comfort and support for your little one, so much so that she won't want to take them off — trust us! Packaged in a clear keepsake bag that makes them perfect for gift giving! Machine or hand wash.

Oh how sweet and dainty, these little Pink and White Heart shoes are so perfect! These adorable baby shoes from Jack and Lily are handcrafted in Canada from premium "lamb touch" leather for a unique softness and a snug–yet–flexible fit that's just perfect for your baby. Their soft, flexible and skid resistant suede soles with gently–elasticized ankle provides comfort and support for your little one, so much so that she won't want to take them off — trust us! Packaged in a clear keepsake bag that makes them perfect for gift giving! Machine or hand wash.

Like pink blankets for her feet! Little Miss will adore the super soft Angora Dot Sock in pink/hot pink. Hot pink polka dots and luxurious angora yarn makes these one basic that is anything but! 32% rayon, 17% nylon, 17% polyester, 16% angora, 15% wool, 3% spandex.

These bold colorblock tights in red and bubblegum are the perfect finishing touch! Her fave outfit will look even better with these tights. 70% cotton, 27% nylon, 3% spandex

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Don’t Forget Mom on Valentine’s Day!

Looking for a special gift for your wife or mother? Pure and Honest Kids has beautiful jewelry that will make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Love With Your Whole Heart Necklace
This favorite, open circle necklace has a delicate, organic feel that is so simple, yet so strong. Handmade by Lisa Leonard designs of sterling silver with a freshwater pearl charm on an 18” sterling silver ball chain, making it a perfect gift for mothers, grandmothers and all the special ladies in your life. Pendant measures 1.25”.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings
Being a mother is a hard job for those who do it well. Reward yourself or your favorite Mom with these freshwater pearl earrings. They make a great gift to say thinking of you, thank you, or I love you. These earrings look great with the Open Circle necklace. Sterling silver handmade by Lisa Leonard Designs.

Blessed Circle Necklace
Blessed...So simple, yet so meaningful and deep. The original circle necklace, handmade by Lisa Leonard Designs, is simply a classic. A great gift for yourself or a friend, this lovely necklace features a sterling silver circle stamped with the word 'BLESSED' with a small heart charm on an 18" sterling silver ball chain. Pendant measures 1.25".

Her Children Rise Up and Call Her Blessed Bangle
Show her how much you love and appreciate her! Perfect for mothers or grandmothers, this lovely sterling silver bangle bracelet is inscribed with the scripture, "Her Children Rise Up and Call Her Blessed". Inside of bracelet is also inscribed with the passage reference, Proverbs 31:28. Measures 2–5/16 inches diameter.

Mini Open Circle Personalized Necklace
$48.00 to $58.00, depending on choice of chain
Worn close by your heart, the handmade mini open circle necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs allows you to keep special thoughts close by. Two small open circles are handstamped with words of your choice and accented with a freshwater pearl detail and strung on a silver ball chain. Small circles measure .75" each. Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

Smart Mom Pendant and Bangle
So pretty and fresh, in just the right shade of jade! Smart Mom jewelry makes a great gift for moms, grandmas and aunts! Inspired by babies who like to tug and chew on jewelry, stylish and beautiful Teething Bling was designed for little ones to handle and chew. Teething Bling by SmartMom products are made from a silicone that is phthalate and lead free, non-toxic, dishwasher safe and federally approved.Two piece set includes a 2" x 2" donut shaped pendant on a black, silk cord with a breakaway clasp and matching bangle.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Just because the Super Bowl is over doesn’t mean you can’t shower your little man with sports gifts year round! Here are some excellent Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your little sports aficionado from Pure and Honest Kids!

Varsity Storage Bin
Fit for an all-star, the handpainted, wooden varsity storage bin instantly accessorizes his room and creates stylish storage for sports equipment, toys, books and games. A must-have for any little man's room! By Renditions by Reesa. Allow 1 week for shipping. Measures 6"h x 7"w x 13"l.

Game Ticket- Football Canvas Reproduction
$77.00 for 14X14
$154.00 for 26 X 26
Score seats on the fifty-yard line! Game Ticket - Football, by Roger Groth for Oopsy Daisy, is a great addition to his bedroom or playroom. Each beautiful piece of Oopsy Daisy children's art is a quality canvas reproduction. Each canvas is stretched over wood bars, finished on all sides and comes ready for wall-mounting. Perfect for children's rooms, the canvas easily wipes clean with a soft dry cloth. Each piece is custom made in the USA especially for you upon order. Information about the artist is included with each piece of art. A portion of the proceeds from each sale are donated to national children's charities. Available in 14" x 14" and 26" x 26". Usually ships in 2-4 weeks.

Multi-Sports Pajamas
Season after season, there's always a sport he loves in season! These super fun cotton pajamas, in the active Multi–Sports print, are super comfortable and make great loungewear! Rib–knit ankles and neck and elastic waist will keep this little set in place. Some shrinkage is expected so you may want to order a size up. 100% cotton pajamas are not flame resistant. Machine wash.

Pee Wee Sports Center Sock Collection
For the tiniest sports enthusiast! The Pee Wee Sports Center booties from Dolly and Dimples have three pairs of bootie socks that resemble tiny sneakers. Red, blue, and orange perfectly coordinate with all of your little boy's new clothes. Dolly and Dimples booties feature a rubber logo on the bottom for non-slip, soft cotton for sensitive skin, and gentle elasticized ankles to keep booties on. They are packaged in a decorative gift box that accents the collection and can be used long after he grows out of the socks! 80% cotton, 20% nylon. Machine wash cold. 0-6 months.

Timi and Leslie Football Backpack
Perfect for everyday and even better for the game! This unique diaper bag scores big with daddies and little boys! From Timi & Leslie, this vinyl coated Football Backpack comes with great accessories and features — matching changing pad, inside insulated bottle pocket, several inside compartments, an outside front zipper pocket, a key/toy clip, water resistant lining, adjustable straps and Velcro/drawstring closure! The Football Backpack measures 14–16.5"w x 14"h x 5.75"d.

Jack and Lily Football Shoes
Perfect for your little sportster...these Football shoes are a touchdown! These adorable baby shoes from Jack and Lily are handcrafted in Canada from premium "lamb touch" leather for a unique softness and a snug–yet–flexible fit that's just perfect for your baby. Their soft, flexible and skid resistant suede soles with gently–elasticized ankle provides comfort and support for your little one, so much so that he won't want to take them off — trust us! Packaged in a clear keepsake bag that makes them perfect for gift giving! Machine or hand wash.

Football Bath Sponge
This is just what you need to coerce your little superstar into the bathtub after a long day of play! He'll look forward to bath time when he knows he gets to play and wash down with this great big sporty Football Sponge.

Khacki All Sports Socks
All-star socks for your little All-Star! Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, why make him decide? The ultra comfy khaki All Sports Socks will be a hit on and off the field! 65% cotton, 25% nylon, 10% spandex.