Monday, August 17, 2009

Raising Your Toddler While Pregnant

With less than a month to go until our new arrival makes his debut into this world, I am having serious mommy guilt about the time spent with my almost three year old daughter. She senses something is different about mama (perhaps it’s that I am huge and exhausted and slow as a turtle right now!) I want to make sure she feels loved and cared for these last few weeks of my pregnancy.

The demands of a toddler can be physically and emotionally draining on you, especially when you are pregnant. There are times during your pregnancy when you just need to rest, and your curious toddler may not understand that! You may feel like you are carrying two babies…one in your belly and one on your hip!

On the flip side, I wonder if the past few months have been hard for my toddler, too, since I have not been able to do the same routine at the same pace with my sweet girl. I did some research on tips for raising a toddler while pregnant, and here are some helpful hints I want to share with you!

- Enlist help. Find a mother’s helper or a family member that can come and play with your toddler on those days where you just need to rest or are not feeling well.

- On the weekends, try to catch up on your rest. This means your spouse or partner will need to pitch in more. (My husband has rocked throughout this pregnancy!)
- Stay home! Sometimes it is easier to care for your toddler at home than wrestling with car seats, strollers, tantrums, and bathroom breaks out in public. Just get creative those last few weeks of your pregnancy and play around your house to help you save energy and get ready for the big delivery!
- Rest when your toddler rests! If you are fortunate enough that your toddler still takes naps, make sure you rest when they do! I know it seems like a great time to accomplish something on your to-do list, but if you don’t rest, you will pay for it later in the day.
- Once the baby is born, make sure to carve out time with your toddler for special one-on-one playdates with you. Your toddler needs to know you still love them very much and that it is not all about the baby!

Good luck with your pregnancy from Pure and Honest Kids!

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