Monday, August 10, 2009

New Mommy Vocabulary!

I was recently at a baby shower with a friend who is expecting her first child in November. As the guest of honor was opening her gifts, my friend with the November baby on the way kept leaning over and asking me what some of the baby products and clothing were called. And it dawned on me…how are new moms supposed to know the baby lingo?

I decided to create a list of new mommy vocabulary words to help out all those pregnant women out there that don’t know the difference between onesies and rompers, and lovies and blankets!

Feel free to add your own new mommy lingo in the comments section below.

Onesie (or bodysuit)- An outfit that has no legs but has sleeves and snaps at the bottom. It is basically "one-piece underwear."

Romper- A romper is a one-piece garment with sleeves and legs, and is traditionally made of a knit material. It features a snap crotch for newborns and infants. It does not have footies.

Sleepers- Sleepers are designed with long sleeves and legs to keep baby warm and comfortable, especially during the cooler months. To make it easier to dress and change baby, snaps go all the way down the front and down each leg. Usually has footies on them.

Lovey (or Snuggly)- Any blanket that is attached to a stuffed animal. It is a special blanket (usually small) that your baby can cuddle with and become attached to.

Booties- Little socks or shoes that keep your baby’s feet warm.

Diaps and Wipes- An organization container that holds both diaper and wipes in it. This is a great item to keep in your diaper bag

Sleepsack (or wearable blanket)- A sleepsack replaces loose blankets in the crib, lessening the likelihood of infants getting blankets over or around their face. Many wearable blankets are sleeveless because this provides freedom of movement. Wearable blankets fit right over your baby's sleeper and cannot be kicked off, so baby stays cozy all night long.

Stationary Entertainers (also known as Exersaucer)- A stationary entertainer allows babies to swivel, bounce, rock, stand, sit or play in it, indoors or out. Plus, it gives parents some hands free time to relax while baby enjoys playing under their supervision!

Receiving Blanket- Receiving blankets are used primarily for infants during the first 6 weeks. The soft, warming material actually helps re-enact the "womb" experience and are great for swaddling.

Play Yard (otherwise known as a Pack-N-Play)- A play yard provides your child with a cozy place to play or nap, indoors, outdoors and on-the-go.

Layette- It simply means baby clothing. Layette consists of many of your baby essentials including feeding accessories, bathing accessories, bedding, sleepwear and outerwear.

Be sure to add your own mommy lingo in the comments section below!

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