Monday, June 29, 2009

How To Run Errands With Your Kids in Tow

Running errands with kids is hard work…you never know how many errands you’ll actually accomplish between potty breaks, sibling fights, short attention spans and hungry bellies!

Here are some tips on how to more efficiently run errands when your children are accompanying you.

Access your kids’ moods before walking out the door.
If your children seem to be in a happy, content mood, it might be a good time to try to accomplish some tasks. If your children are sleepy, hungry, or just plain grumpy, wait until a more conducive time to run errands.

Allot enough time to get the important tasks completed.
Remember that each stop will require time to get your kids in and out of the car, and into strollers or shopping carts. Also include time for potty breaks and snacks. Every errand will inevitably take a little longer than you anticipated, so build extra time into your schedule. Here is a little tip that is a big time-saver…park near the shopping cart corral. It is much less tiring and quicker to put your baby or child in the shopping cart in the parking lot than it is to carry your child across the parking lot and do it inside the store.

Don’t interrupt naptime, even if you are on a roll with getting errands checked off your list.
Naptimes often come at the most inconvenient times of day, but allowing your child to get the rest they need will make for a happier, more easy-going child. The last thing you want is your child to have a meltdown in the middle of a store because he or she is overtired.

Keep a bag of snacks and juice boxes in your car for “in case of emergency.”
Anticipating the needs of your children will help your errand-running go more smoothly. Having snacks and drinks readily available will curb meltdowns in public.

Bring toys and games in the car to keep boredom at bay.
Stickers, books and even a movie in the car are great ways to keep your kids entertained as you drive them across town for errands. Children can get very antsy sitting in a car for any length of time so having fun things for them to do in the car will stretch out your errand time.

Good luck getting your errands done from Pure and Honest Kids!

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