Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moms-To-Be: Packing List for the Hospital!

Is it getting closer to time to your due date? If so, you may be thinking about packing your overnight hospital bag. Here is a checklist to help make sure you are equipped with all you may need during your hospital stay!

During Labor: During the labor process, there are a few things you may need to make this special time a little easier on you and your partner. Be sure to include in your hospital bag:

- A copy of your birth plan
- Insurance card for hospital paperwork
- Magazines, books and movies (Believe it or not, having something to take your mind off the early stages of labor can come in very handy!)
- Your Dear Johnnies nightgown (Available at Pure and Honest Kids, Dear Johnnies nightgowns are stylish, comfortable and a fashionable alternative to the hospital night gowns offered to you at the hospital during labor and delivery. Check them out here.)
- Slippers or thick socks for walking around during the early stages of labor
- Relaxation tools, such as music, extra pillow, tennis balls for squeezing through contractions, and a picture of something or someone you love to use as your focal point during contractions
- Camera and/or video camera to document the arrival of your baby (Don’t forget extra film, memory sticks and batteries.)

Postpartum: Once your little one makes his or her grand arrival, there are several things you will need to make your hospital stay more enjoyable. Be sure to include in your hospital bag:

- Toiletries
- Fresh nightgown or pajamas and extra clothes (Make sure the clothes you pack are loose fitting)
- Snacks you will enjoy after labor
- A nursing bra, breast pads and extra pairs of underwear
- A contact list so you can spread the word once you are settled in your postpartum room
- A going home outfit for you and baby (Make sure your going home outfit is roomy and loose- it is possible you will still look 5 or 6 months pregnant)
- Baby book for getting handprints and footprints of your newborn baby

And of course, make sure your infant car seat is installed safely in your car!

We at Pure and Honest Kids wish you a happy and healthy delivery of your sweet baby!

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