Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go Green with Baby Body Wash!

Did you know that infant immune systems are less-developed than adult immune systems, making them more vulnerable to chemicals and pesticides? It’s true! If “going green” appeals to you, then your baby’s body wash is one of the first products you should consider looking at natural and organic alternatives.

Body washes and body care products for babies should be free of artificial fragrances, food-grade preservatives and harsh detergent ingredients. Check out more information on how green ways to keep your baby clean here at the Just the Facts Baby Web site. What a wonderful way to keep your baby clean and safe!

Pure and Honest Kids carries one of the wonderful lines of baby body wash that Just the Facts Baby Web site highlights. It is from a organic line called Erbaorganics. Check it out below.

Erbaorganics Baby Body Wash
Super mild and gentle, Erbaorganics baby body wash is the perfect nourishment for baby's delicate skin. A rich organic aloe base forms the foundation for this super mild wash with natural cleansing agents that gently washes away the dirt of the day without over drying or causing irritation. Paraben and SLS free, organic oat extract and organic olive oil combine to create a green and eco-friendly surfactant which gently and effectively cleanses baby's delicate skin. Organic lavender helps soothe irritated skin while organic chamomile calms and relaxes. Erbaorganics donates 15% from your purchase of baby body wash to support the WWO (Worldwide Orphans Foundation). Great to give or receive as a gift! 78% organic. 6 oz bottle.
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We also carry the Erbaorganics Baby Body Lotion- a perfect compliment to the body wash!

Erbaorganics Baby Body Lotion
Erbaorganics rich, all natural and organic baby lotion keeps baby's skin soft, healthy, and moisturized. Smooth, non-greasy, and easy to apply, this baby lotion can be used anytime on face or body. Organic coconut oil helps skin absorb the lotion, locking in the beneficial nutrients while protecting skin against the harsh elements. Generous portions of organic shea butter and organic coconut oil nourish the skin with vitamins A, E, and F, soothing organic chamomile combines with healing organic lavender to ease the discomfort of dry or irritated skin, while freshness organic mandarin and natural anti-oxidant properties of organic rosemary extract complete this creamy blended lotion. Apply often for a fresh smelling, happy baby, with skin replenished with nutrients and ready to face an active day ahead. 85% organic. 4 oz tube.

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