Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prenatal Yoga!

My back has been hurting this pregnancy, so my doctor suggested that I try prenatal yoga. I have never done yoga before, but reluctantly I signed up for a prenatal yoga class.

I usually like to work up a real sweat when working out, so yoga has never appealed to me. However, having tried my first prenatal yoga class last week, I am hooked! I am already looking forward to this week’s class!

It was nice being in a class where other pregnant women know what you are going through and you can share with one another. The class provides a sense of community and includes pregnancy related topics at the beginning of each class.

It was also encouraging to see women in all stages of their pregnancy taking the class. Our class varied from a woman who was 10 weeks along, all the way to 36 weeks! It was inspiring to see the ladies who are in their third trimester still practicing yoga!

Why take prenatal yoga you might ask? Well, I did some research and here are some benefits on why you might want to consider taking a prenatal yoga class.

--- Prenatal yoga provides physical and mental strength during pregnancy. It improves flexibility, circulation, overall strength, muscle tone and balance.

--- Many women find yoga during pregnancy helps reduce swelling, back aches, leg pain and insomnia.

--- Prenatal yoga helps women focus on their breathing, which is beneficial in the labor process. Mentally, yoga also develops concentration, focus and reduces stress.

--- There is little to no impact on joints when practicing yoga.

--- Prenatal yoga aids in digestion. As your baby grows, your intestinal organs get pushed around, which may affect your regularity and cause indigestion. Forward fold poses can promote regularity and aid in overall digestion flow.

Remember, not all yoga poses are not safe during pregnancy, so it is important for beginners to sign up for an accredited prenatal class with a knowledgeable teacher that can help you decipher which poses are okay and which are not. Always listen to your body and if something hurts during yoga or any other form of exercise while pregnant, stop immediately.

Namaste from Pure and Honest Kids!

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