Monday, March 9, 2009

Going Out of Town? Get Prepared!

Leaving your children to go out of town is never easy! However, the more prepared you are, the easier it is on you, your child and the sitter!

Here are some ways to get organized and prepared when leaving town without your children. The grandparents, guardians and sitters who are caring for your child in your absence will thank you for it!

Provide the sitter with a detailed schedule of your child’s daily and nightly routine.
A scheduled child is a happy child! Try to have your sitter stay on routine as much as possible when watching your children. Ask them to keep meal times, nap times and bedtimes as close to your set schedule as possible. This will give your child a sense of normalcy while you are away, and routine is comforting to most children. Remember that even grandparents who see your children often can benefit from a detailed schedule. It leaves the guesswork out of what comes next in your child’s daily routine. Also include a list of activities your child likes to do to help your caregiver entertain your child during playtimes. Leaving a list of comfort items, such as favorite songs, stuffed animals, movies and books is also helpful to your sitter, should your child start to miss you.

Leave a medical consent form and insurance information with your sitter.
God forbid anything happens to your child while you are gone, but just to be on the safe side, it is always smart to leave with your sitter a medical consent form and authorization to seek medical attention on behalf of your child while you are away. The copy of your health insurance card information is also important to leave with your sitter. That way, they will have what they need should your child require medical attention while you are on your trip.

Have a list of emergency numbers.
Include in your packet of information to your sitter a list of emergency numbers. This list should include your child’s pediatrician’s office, neighbors, close-by relatives, the poison-control hotline, and of course, the number where you are staying and your cell phone number. Having the essential phone numbers all on one list is helpful to your caregiver during an emergency situation.

Remember that time with other loving adults is good for your child.
Of course, you will miss your children and they will certainly miss you, too. But remember that having other loving adults care for your children can go a long way towards instilling the virtues of flexibility and adaptability.

Have a great trip and relax knowing you have left your child’s sitter with what they need to have a successful stay with your child! Being well prepared goes a long way! Safe travels from Pure and Honest Kids!

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Janay said...

Thank you for the great post! We are leaving our 1 year old with my parents next week, and I have been trying to figure out all the things I have to get ready for her.