Monday, August 11, 2008

No More Messes---Caden Lane Spill Mats!

Are you tired of food and drink getting spilled on your floor during meal times? How about paint and art supplies spattering on your floor? Pure and Honest Kids has a perfect solution for you---spill mats from Caden Lane!

This month, all Caden Lane products are on sale for 10 percent off the regular price. You can’t beat this deal, so stock up on your spill mats now!

You can use your spill mats from Caden Lane during meal time, art projects and for play! This great mat will keep your highchairs, floors and cars as clean as possible.

Caden Lane’s spill mats are double-sided and laminated and folds away nice and neat for storage. Measures 35” X 39”.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When you had the warehouse sale, the info said that for those who did not live in the area, a chance to purchase would be given as clothes were moved to clearance after the warehouse event. As of yet , no additional things have joined the few items that have been in clearance for several months. Can we expect more clearance items soon? I love the beautiful things , but with 7 grandchildren to shop for, I wait eagerly for those wonderful sales!!