Sunday, August 3, 2008

Double Your Fun with a Pure and Honest Kids Double Stroller!

When you have multiples or young children very close in age, purchasing a double stroller is one of the most important purchases you will make. The stroller helps you travel to and fro everywhere you go for the first few years of your child’s life, so you want to make sure you get the stroller that meets all your needs. This choice becomes a bit more complicated when you're using the stroller for more than one child.

Pure and Honest Kids has an excellent selection of double strollers. Check them out here! Here are some tips on how to find the perfect double stroller for your family.

The best stroller is the one that fits your lifestyle, is a style you like, and also fits your budget. Safety and comfort are essential, and the accessories and options that come with double strollers are not to be ignored.

Think about your lifestyle. Are you going to be jogging with your babies? Or mostly running errands? Will you be using the stroller mostly in a city setting, walking on sidewalks in congested areas, or do you live close to the coast or mountains and plan on walking on uneven terrain often? The best double stroller will allow you to do all the activities you like to do, ensuring you can take your babies wherever you need to go. When you figure out your lifestyle and the activities you will mostly use your stroller for, you can then narrow the options considerably.
Safety is always the number one concern of parents when shopping for something as important as a stroller. With a double stroller, you want to ensure both children are full protected, and have individual safety features, such as padding and reliable restraint systems, such as a five-point harness. Other safety features to consider are a secondary locking mechanism on the frame of the stroller to ensure that the stroller cannot fold up while in use, rear-wheel breaks, tip-resistant frame, and some type of canopy to protect the baby from sun and inclement weather.
You also have to think about the size of the stroller. Will it fit into your car? How much does it weigh and can you comfortably transport it in and out of your car? These are all important things to consider when buying a double stroller. Double strollers are considerably larger than a single stroller and you do not want to purchase one that is too cumbersome or heavy for you to enjoy using.
Speaking of cumbersome, does the stroller fold and unfold easily? You will be juggling two young children at once, while folding and unfolding your stroller. It is essential to find a stroller that has an easy-to-use mechanism to open and close your stroller frame.

Although children are small, they require a lot of “stuff” to travel around town. Make sure you look for a stroller with some storage areas. A generously-sized storage basket on the bottom of a double stroller is a wonderful feature to consider, and will enable you to carry all the items both your children need.

What accessories on your stroller will make your life easier? Strollers have so many options today, including snack trays, cup holders, toy bars, IPod hookups, and so much more. Do some research and figure out what accessories you want on your double stroller.

Because your double stroller will be such a large purchase, make sure you choose a stroller that is well made with quality materials. The metal or aluminum frame of the stroller should be strong and stable. Also look for welded seams, tightly stitched seat covers and finished edges. Just remember, the best double stroller is the one that fits your lifestyle, is safe and comfortable, and fits within your budget. If you do a bit of research, you are sure to be happy with your double stroller purchase.

Here are some of our favorite double strollers available at Pure and Honest Kids.

DuoWalker Sky Double Stroller
The DuoWalker SKY double stroller, double fun! Equipped with all the options a modern parent needs. From the three setting, including horizontal, adjustable buggy seat, to the two 12 inch, 360 degree swiveling wheel suspension, spacious shopping basket and adjustable handlebar, the DuoWalker SKY is the most complete double stroller around. The frame is extremely strong, lightweight aluminum and weighs (with wheels, seat and sun-canopy) only 13 kilograms. Extra large storage basket, 3 position seating, sun canopy, rain cover and bumper bar included.For larger families, this double stroller can be used for two infants, two toddlers or one infant and one toddler- so many combinations! Use both seats, a carrycot (sold separately) and buggy or two carrycots (sold separately). Anyway you use it, the DuoWalker SKY double stroller is user-friendly, safe and multi-functional.

Baby Planet Unity Sport Stroller
From Baby Planet, this is a fabulous lightweight twin stroller for the family! An instant family favorite, the Unity Sport lightweight stroller in a classy unisex charcoal gray color scheme provides the greatest of strolling experiences for parents and children. The Unity Sport stroller from Baby Planet is the first of its kind to consider the parent and their pushing experience. The distinctively different 'Easy Steer' handle will feel more natural and improve maneuverability over traditional twin strollers. The 'Room-to-Walk' rear center wheel leaves more room for walking and offers the longest stride of any twin stroller currently available. Its sturdy construction and enhanced stability will hold up to all the challenges of your daily travel needs. Its distinctive style and tailoring keep it on the cutting edge of today's modern strollers. For more on the accessories and features of this stroller, click here.

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