Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Brother/Big Sister Presents!

No sibling rivalry here! Are you expecting a little addition to your family? Is a friend or family member adding to their brood? Then consider purchasing the “Wow, I’m a Big Brother” or “Wow, I’m a Big Sister” sibling gift from Pure and Honest Kids.

Every child expecting a little sibling should receive one of these books! Accepting the arrival of a new 'little one' can often be hard for the now older child. What better way to help them understand than to let them commemorate the occasion by recording special memories, accomplishments and photos in this great little spiral bound book.

Here is a sample of some of the fill-in pages:
- WOW…I’m a Big Sister! My name is _________, and I live in _______.
- I am ____ years old and these are the things I think a BIG BROTHER should do…
- I think the baby looks just like_______!
- The first time Mommy let me hold ______ was ______.
- My little brother/sister needs to learn to ____. It’s my job to teach ___ to ___.

Plus much more! How can you resist such a wonderful sibling gift from Pure and Honest Kids? It is guaranteed to be a favorite of any family expecting a new baby!

This heartfelt and fun book is filled with illustrations and special fill-in-the-blanks for the big brother/big sister and his or her parents to fill out together. Spiral bound. The book is written by Penny Nye and illustrated by Michele Eargle. Such a great gift for a big brother or big sister-to-be!


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