Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Pure & Honest Moment

We recently received this picture and email from one of our customers and just had to share! Her little girl, 5, and little boy, 1, received coordinating outfits from Pure & Honest Kids for Christmas and then got Down on the Farm for Parker's first birthday!

My children, Tatum (5) and Parker (1) received these adorable Down on the Farm coordinating outfits for Christmas! Parker's overalls and Tatum's dress with leggings look so good on them that I decided to use the same theme for Parker's first birthday party on January 3! We had a cake made and got balloons to match too! Tatum felt like such a special big sister since she was able to 'match' Parker at his 'BIG 1' party! Thanks for helping to make his Down on the Farm party so fun and stylish for my Pure & Honest Kids!

Think your little one would look great Down on the Farm?

If your child has a Pure and Honest Moment, tell us about it! Email us your story and picture to

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