Thursday, January 24, 2008

Go Green!

Check out these products from Yellow Label Kids. These toys are equally fun, stylish and safe. Using natural dyes and supersoft fabrics, these toys are a great alternative to the over-commercialized and unsafe toys being recalled in stores across the country. All their products are 100% made by hand, not machine made with a few hand-touches. And how much fun for your little one are these great toys!

Also, Yellow Label Kids supports Fair Trade, which ensures the artisans who create the products are paid living wages. Ethical and safe- you can’t beat that!

Here are a few toys we offer from the Yellow Label Kids collection.

Tool Set
For the Little Man in your life, how about the tool set? You’ll love watching him bang on your coffee table and become a true handy man with his screwdriver and saw.
Set of three: Hammer, screwdriver and saw in denim fabric tool pouch with belt.

Dig into this tasty assortment of bright play donuts, packaged together in a hand-loomed box with ribbons. Our play donuts are soft, richly textured and colorful, making them a perfect plaything for babies and older siblings, who can serve them up in a tea party or play kitchen.
Set of five with fabric gingham box.

Something for your little one’s sweet tooth! Dig into this tasty assortment of play cupcakes. The cupcakes are soft and colorful, making them a perfect toy for your little one. The wrappers on these yummy cupcakes peel down, making them even more fun for little hands.
Set of four in a fabric box.

This set of five rattles make a great addition to your little one’s play kitchen. The inviting texture and bright colors of these rattles makes them fun for baby and older kids, too. It’s never too early to teach your child healthy eating habits, and these rattles will help do the trick!
Available in assorted sets of five: Cauliflower, radish, corn, two carrots

Shake things up with these soft, adorable fruit rattles. Who knew
apples, tomatoes, pears, bananas and watermelon could be so much fun? Great for babies who love the bright colors and rattle sounds. Also a perfect gift for older children who love playing grocery store or in their play kitchen with these fruit rattles.
Set of five: Apple, banana, watermelon, pear, pineapple

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