Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Pure and Honest Moment

We recently received this from one of our customers and just had to share! We definitely call this a Pure and Honest Moment! No crazy characters or over-commercialized play things, just one wholesome pull toy and a great big smile!

My daughter, Taylor, received the lion pull toy from Pure and Honest Kids for her first birthday, and it has quickly become a favorite! It has become such a favorite that sometimes her lion even has to sit on the high chair tray as Taylor eats!!!

Our daughter tows her new lion pull toy, which we have affectionately named "Leo", all around our house. We love it because it is soft, cuddly and colorful, and rolls around the house wherever Taylor goes! We highly recommend this toy for any little one.

Think your little one would love this great toy too?
Choose from a lion, puppy or dinosaur pull toy.

If your child has a Pure and Honest Moment, tell us about it! Email us your story and picture to

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