Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day---Homestretch

My daughter is a holiday-a-holic. What does this mean, you ask? It means she is obsessed with holidays. ALL holidays. So, needless to say, she's pretty excited about Valentine's Day being less than a week away!

We’ve already made Valentines goody bags for her friends. She’s crafted the perfect Heart Day cards for her family and teachers. She’s colored countless Valentine’s Day coloring sheets, and she has made a plethora of V-Day crafts I have been collecting from all over town.

With t-minus six days until February 14, what else can we possibly do to celebrate the holiday?

I came across some Valentine’s Day Apps for the IPad/IPhone today that look pretty cool, so we'll probably check those out tomorrow. Maybe these free or low-cost apps below will bring us into the homestretch of Cupid’s very favorite day!

Julius Harts Cupcakes: Decorate a cupcake on mommy’s IPhone/IPad with the perfect Valentine’s Day decorations app!

KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun-Valentine’s Day Theme: This app teaches math skills for ages 3-9 year-olds, but does so with a fun new Valentine’s Day theme.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Books: Get your creative juices flowing with this cute and colorful way to personalize and send Valentine’s Day e-cards on the IPad or IPhone.

Matching Hearts Game: It’s memory time, but this clever game uses conversation hearts to get in the mood for February 14!

Valentine’s Day Countdown: Instead of enduring the, “How many more days until Valentine’s Day, mommy?” question that I will inevitably get every day, I am going to download the V-Day countdown so my daughter can see for herself and tell me all about it!

Talking Cupid: Who wouldn’t be entertained by a cupid that talks, laughs and interacts with you? This is a must-have download for February 14!

Valentine’s Day Painter: Let someone special know how much you love them with this free
Valentine’s Day heart painting app. Send it to your loved ones via e-mail!

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