Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cabin Fever Got You Down?

Our household was recently blessed with some awesome winter weather, and the whole family enjoyed sledding, eating snow cream, and making snowmen! However…after a weekend of winter bliss, we were plagued with days of closed schools, cabin fever, and cold, wet rain.

Are you feeling the effects of winter in your household? Cabin fever got you down?
What are some ways you can combat the winter blues? Here are a list of ideas on how to make the not-so-great indoors become fun for the whole family.

- Have a movie date with your kids, complete with popcorn and treats! Create a comfy atmosphere with pillows, sleeping bags and blankets and curl up and enjoy the show!

- Host a game day and invite neighborhood kids over to compete against one another. Play Candy Land, Monopoly, Uno, and other family friendly board games and card games all day long…you and the kids will love the competition and camaraderie!

- Put together puzzles as a family. You can do this over an extended period of time. Once you finish a puzzle, it’s time to pull out another one and start again! Always have a puzzle out for family members to work on during times it’s too cold to go outside.

- Stock up on arts and crafts supplies. Before winter weather heads your way, stock up on fun crafts you can do with your kids. Glue, crayons, scissors, glitter, foam shapes, stickers and paper are sure to create hours of fun for your little ones!

- Cook with your kids! Everyone loves to eat when you are snowed in, so make preparing the meals a family affair! Have everyone join in making warm soups, delicious baked goods and yummy comfort foods.

Being snowed in with your family can be a wonderful bonding experience. Enjoy the time together and when cabin fever starts to creep in, use your creativity to make your time at home fun for the whole family!

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