Monday, January 25, 2010

Losing the Baby Weight...Again

How do celebrities lose their baby weight so quickly?

Lately, there have been so many magazine covers touting new celebrity moms who lost their baby weight in record time, and their baby isn’t even three-months-old yet! It took me more than a year to lose all the baby weight after my first daughter was born.

After the arrival of my son, the weight is coming off quicker, but I still have those last pesky 10 pounds that I would like to lose pronto. I don’t want to celebrate my son’s first birthday with this extra weight, so what can I do to lose the baby weight…again?

Here are some tips I found when researching how to lose baby weight!

- Find time to exercise.
“Duh”, you may be thinking…so simple, yet so true. With two kids and a husband who travels quite a bit, finding my way to a gym is not so easy. My goal is to find ways to exercise that works for my family, such as taking walks with the kids (outside on nice days, and inside at the mall on cold, rainy days). I can also utilize nap times and work out in the living room with my Wii Fit or an exercise DVD while the kids are sleeping. Finding time to exercise will make a difference in your day, as well as a difference in your mental and physical health.

- Have healthy snacks readily available.
It is so easy to eat what’s left on your toddler’s plate, or to hit up a drive-thru restaurant on your way to pick up your oldest from preschool, but resist. Have nourishing snacks near you at all times. Put some nutritious snacks in your purse and in your pantry in plain sight. Grab for those wholesome snacks that will satisfy your hunger. Some great grab-and-go healthy snacks are: edamame, baby carrots, string cheese and rice cakes.

- Drink more water!
If you drink a glass of water before each meal, it will make you feel fuller, making you eat less. Also, if you are nursing, make sure to drink a glass of water during each feeding as well.

- Set a fitness goal.
I find that if I set a goal to work towards, it will actually happen. For me, that would mean working towards running a race or working out a certain amount of days a week. When you reach your fitness goal, reward yourself with a special treat, such as new running shoes or a pedicure!

- Delay, delay, delay!
If you are feeling hungry, drink a glass of water and wait fifteen minutes to see if you are still hungry. Often times, moms mistake thirst for hunger. Also, at the end of a meal, instead of rushing to get seconds, drink a glass of water and decide if you are still hungry. Taking a break from eating will allow you to figure out if you are indeed full and satisfied.

Check out this article from for more weight loss secrets. It has 18 great tips on how to lose the baby weight for good from real moms!

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