Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don’t Drop The Pacifier!

Don’t you hate it when you drop your baby’s pacifier on the dirty ground? How about being out in public with your crying baby and you reach for the magic binkie only to find it is missing? Even celebrities worry about dropping their baby’s pacifier. (Check out the article on Celebrity Baby Blog on celebrities that use pacifier clips.)
Avoid pacifier drama with Belle Binkers from Bella Tunno!

These stylish pacifier clips, available at Pure and Honest Kids, are fashion-forward and functional! The Bella Binker is a safety-tested pacifier clip that keeps binkies close and clean. Bella Binkers come in over 30 grosgrain ribbon options, making a child's outfit funkier and a mom's life easier.

Check out all the different grosgrain ribbon options here. Bella Binkers are available at Pure and Honest Kids for $8.00.

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