Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dining Out is No Longer a Thing of the Past…

If you want to brave the world of restaurants with your kids, you better be prepared! Here are some tips on how to make eating out with children a more pleasant experience for all:

- Choose your restaurant location carefully. Make sure it is family-friendly and also has quick service.

- Think about timing when it comes to reservations and meal times. Select a time to arrive at the restaurant that is earlier than your normal meal time in case there is a wait. If you pad your meal time, you will avoid meltdowns from hungry kids!

- Have a “restaurant” bag filled with crayons, coloring pages, small toys, and snacks. Your restaurant bag will help entertain your kids while you wait on your meal and will help your dining experience go a little more smoothly.

- Order the kids food first so it comes out as soon as possible.

- Ask for the bill once your food arrives so you don’t end up having to wait on it once everyone has already finished their meals.

Dining out with your children does have its challenges, but it also can be a lot of fun! Taking your kids to restaurants can also be a great way to teach your children about waiting, manners and social graces.

Before you go out to eat with your family again, check out this wonderful product available at Pure and Honest Kids called the “Designer Diner.” It is a wipe clean placemat that reverses to a reusable chalk mat…talk about fun and functionality! Your kids will love to draw on the chalk mat and you’ll love how the Designer Diner can also act as a placemat to keep germs at bay! It comes with a 12 piece box of non-toxic chalk and detachable chalk pouch.

The Designer Diner is a life saver when it comes to taking your kids to restaurants and would be a perfect addition to your “restaurant bag." It is available for $22 at Pure and Honest Kids!

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