Saturday, February 28, 2009

Words of Advice to Nicole Ritchie: How Does a Second Pregnancy Differ from the First?

Are you expecting for the second time? Congratulations! Women like celebrity Nicole Ritchie, who is expecting her second child, are excited and anxiously awaiting the new arrival, but what should they expect will be different this time around?

Despite being a veteran of pregnancy, labor and delivery, there are some surprising differences to look out for. Here are some words of advice for Nicole and other moms that are in the midst of their second pregnancy.

Rest when your baby is resting.
You will find yourself more tired with this pregnancy because of the demands of your other children. You should try to rest when your children are napping. Also, don’t take on too much, especially during the first trimester. Enlist Dad, family and friends to help you with your older children and the household chores when possible.

Bond with Baby Number 2!
During your first pregnancy, you probably could not read enough about pregnancy, the labor process, and about newborn babies! This time around, since you know more what to expect, you may find yourself not as emotionally invested in this pregnancy. This is by no means an indication that you love this baby any less! You just have more on your plate this time around. Take some time to enjoy this pregnancy (even though you have other children to look after!) Take time each day to bond with your baby by doing deep breathing, visualizing the nursery, and reading about the growth and progress of baby number two.

Physically, this pregnancy could be tougher, so take care of yourself.
Because your uterus has already expanded once before, the pulling sensations and tugging will occur earlier than in your first pregnancy. Your abdominal muscles are also already stretched out, so you are likely to carry your second baby lower, therefore the urge to urinate often starts earlier. You may also experience increased pelvic discomfort from the additional pressure on your bladder during this pregnancy. Make sure to look after yourself and listen to your body. Take the time to eat right, exercise and rest, and it will hopefully subside the physical pain of second pregnancies!

Yes, that was your baby kicking!
You are likely to feel your baby much earlier this pregnancy, too, because you know what it feels like and because everything has already stretched out. With first time pregnancies, you usually feel your baby moving during the fifth month. With subsequent pregnancies, you can feel your baby move as early as four months!

Pull out the maternity clothes earlier this time.
Again, because your uterus has already stretched and expanded once, you are likely to “show” earlier than you did before. Expect to show about a month earlier than you did with your first pregnancy. Go ahead and pull out your maternity clothes and dress comfortably!

Do not worry about loving the new baby as much as your other children!
So many mothers worry that they could not possibly love this new baby as much as their first born. Let me assure you, as soon as your new bundle of joy arrives, that notion will fly out the window! Just remember this baby is different and special, and you have more than enough love for all your children!

Try not to relive the past.
If you had a troublesome pregnancy or labor and delivery last time, you may find yourself already worrying about past problems reoccurring. Try to remember that every pregnancy is different, as well as labor and delivery, so don’t borrow trouble! Be sure to ask questions and voice concerns to your doctor or midwife, and talk to your partner about any fears you may be having. Share with others your concerns so you don’t feel alone in this process. Your baby will be here soon enough, so take care of yourself in the meantime, and enjoy your pregnancy.

Remember, every pregnancy is different. You could feel better than ever this time around, but don’t be alarmed if you don’t since you have a toddler or preschooler you are chasing around. Enjoy this miracle of life and soon you’ll have a new baby to hold in your arms!

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