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How To Select the Perfect Diaper Bag

Choosing the ideal designer diaper bag is one of the most important things parents must do before their little bundle of joy arrives! It becomes an extension of you because your diaper bag will go everywhere you go for the first few years of your sweet baby’s life.

While there are many different types of styles, colors, patterns, and prices associated with diaper bags available today, there are a number of considerations that should be made when choosing the right diaper bag. A high-quality, well-crafted diaper bag is an investment that is well worth the price, as you will be toting this bag everywhere for the next several years.

As a busy, on-the-go mom, you will want to select a diaper bag that offers you all the unique features you need to fit your lifestyle. There is an overwhelming choice of diaper bags on the market now and choosing the perfect bag can be intimidating. The following tips from Pure and Honest Kids will help you select the perfect diaper bag for you!

Five Tips To Consider When Selecting Your Diaper Bag:

1. Size of the bag:
Decide on the size of bag you need. Do you need one that is large enough for all the many items needed to help care for your baby while on the go? Or are you looking to downsize your original diaper bag into one that just holds the essentials?

You may be surprised at just how many items you will require on an outing with your new baby! So if this is your first and only diaper bag, Pure and Honest Kids advises that you select a diaper bag with some substantial size.

May we suggest the Elegant Baby Tote Bag ($42.00)? It is roomy while fashionable, and features inside and outside pockets, a storage bag for wet items, and a changing pad. Trust us, you’ll want a diaper bag that is roomy and spacious and has lots of pockets to organize your possessions.

If your child is older and does not need as many items while you are away from your house, think about downsizing to a smaller diaper bag. It will be lighter to lug around and will rid you of items you no longer need while traveling with your toddler. May we suggest the Diaper Ditty ($34.00). The Diaper Ditty is a fashion-forward clutch from the outside, but unfolds to hold a case of wipes, 2-3 diapers and a few "mom essentials" in a secured back pocket. Perfect for moms going on a quick errand or popping over to a friend’s house.

2. Be true to your personal style:
A great diaper bag should carry you through the first several years of your baby’s life. It is important to select a diaper bag that is true to your individual personal style. No longer are diaper bags dreary and boring, nor are they covered in cartoons, clowns and animals! Today’s diaper bags are trendy, chic and functional, with enough room to hold all the essentials for both you and your baby.

Choose colors and patterns that suit your every day taste, as you will carry this bag often. There are many diaper bags out there that look like purses and handbags carried by women everywhere. There are also colorful bags, as well as intricate patterns on diaper bags that you may find exciting! Since it is something you will carry every day, select a diaper bag you truly like.

Also choose a shape of diaper bag that is pleasing to you and that will fit all your needs. For example, if you want to use your diaper bag as a laptop bag as well, consider the Reese Li Lexington Messenger diaper bag ($150). It is large enough for your laptop, has a waterproof interior and 12 organizing pockets that makes this bag a parent’s dream come true!

If you wish to have a non-bulky, simple diaper bag, consider the EasyWalker Sky Nursery diaper bag ($59.00). Fresh and simple, the EasyWalker Nursery bag has a place for everything you need!

If you are someone that loves bold colors and patterns, may we suggest the La Shea Brown Giraffe Bag ($80.00). We love this unique diaper bag and so will you! With a variety of fun fabrics and trims, the brown giraffe print bag is something to talk about.

The important thing is for you to love your diaper bag and to not get tired of it, so choose a style and pattern that is true to your own personal taste.

3. Comfortable fit:
You will be carrying your diaper bag almost every day the first few years, so consider the fit of the bag and how you will carry it.

Do you prefer a shoulder strap? How about this Khacki and Red Daddy diaper bag by Milano Series ($25.00)? Simply styled and easy to carry, this khaki saddle bag can easily be worn over a shoulder or across the body and has lots of pockets for everything you and baby need.

A hand-held tote? May we suggest the Turquoise & Chocolate Diaper Bag by La Shea ($90.00)? This lovely diaper bag tote lovely diaper bag is loaded with practical details like lots of pockets and an easy to clean laminated interior.

Or do you see yourself liking a backpack style diaper bag? Check out the Timi and Leslie Backpack diaper bag ($150.) This unique diaper bag features adjustable straps and Velcro/drawstring closure. Plenty of places to organize baby's things, including an insulated interior bottle pocket, several inside compartments, a front zipper pocket, and a clip for keys or toys.

You should also think about the strap length and width. What kind of handbags do you like to carry? This will be a good indication of what kind of diaper bag you will enjoy the most. Many diaper bags, such as the Reese Li Lexington diaper bag, have a unique strapping system so you can easily convert it from a shoulder tote to a stroller bag.

Remember that you will most likely be toting your baby, as well as the diaper bag. In many cases, you may have an infant carrier in one hand and the diaper bag in the other. You should select a diaper bag that is easy to carry and that feels comfortable to you.

4. Functions and Features:
The next thing that you should consider when choosing the perfect diaper bag is the features the bag offers. A golden rule-the more pockets the better. Also remember that sometimes separate is better! For instance, you will more than likely want to keep your diaper-changing pad separate from the baby bottles, and your spare outfit separate from your bottles and sippy cups.
May we suggest Caden Lane Hobo diaper bag ($150)? It comes with two easy exterior side pockets for bottles or personal accessories, two see-through interior pockets for convenience, spoon loops to keep baby’s spoons clean and in one place, removable bottle insulator with bow trim, matching zippered mama sack and coordinating changing pad and much more!

So many diaper bags out there are now waterproof, and this is a great feature, as spills will inevitably occur and snacks will unfortunately spill out of containers and plastic baggies. Interior dividers and pockets that are waterproof and easy-cleaning are the best kind. Check out Caden Lane’s Leo Messenger diaper bag, which offers waterproof interior and stain resistant micro-fiber exterior.

Many designer diaper bags now also offer custom-sized pockets, each sized appropriately for the necessities that moms on-the-go carry in her diaper bag: cell phone, keys, wallet, baby bottles, lip gloss, diaper changing pad and Smart Phone. These custom-sized pockets and accessories make it so much easier for moms to find what they are looking for in a quick, efficient manner.

May we suggest Kalencom’s five piece tote set ($144.00). It comes with a large tote bag with loads of pockets for all the necessities and accessories every woman carries, a multi–pocket fold over organizer with four zippered, mesh pockets, a mini-tote bag for quick trips when you don’t need many items, an insulated bottle bag, and a large roll–up changing pad.
5. Quality and Price:
Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for?” This is a true statement when it comes to diaper bags! You want your diaper bag to be well-crafted and of high quality so that it can withstand the weight of your baby care essentials. All those essentials can get heavy! You also want a bag that is durable and can take every day wear and tear. Find a designer that you trust and that you know makes a solid product.

Realizing everyone has different price points when it comes to choosing a diaper bag, Pure and Honest Kids carries a wide array of well-made diaper bags for you to choose from. Our diaper bags range from $20 to $150. Designer diaper bags may cost more than diaper bags you find at big-box, super stores, but the quality, features and style make it well worth your money. Remember, you’ll use this bag almost every day, so it’s an investment that will be well used.

Good luck finding the perfect diaper bag! Happy Shopping!

---Molly Ridenhour, Co-Owner, Pure and Honest Kids

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