Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Benefits of Organic Baby Products

A big debate going on in the world of parenting: to buy “green” or to not buy “green?” when it comes to clothing for your sweet little ones.

Organic baby clothing seems to be the topic of conversation among mothers, on blogs and in parenting magazines. It is a decision to be made by each parent, so Pure and Honest Kids decided to give its customers a choice by adding an extensive selection of organic baby products that are environmentally friendly, fair trade certified and safer for children.

To buy organic baby clothing or not? We cannot tell you what is right for your family, but we can tell you some of the benefits of organic baby clothing and products.

Benefits of Organic Baby Clothing:

Organic baby clothing is environmentally-friendly and made from the softest 100 percent organically grown cotton. Organic baby clothes are made from organic cotton that starts with seeds that have not been genetically modified. It’s grown without artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or harsh chemicals.

The cotton used in organic baby clothes is noticeably softer and more durable than traditionally grown cotton. In contrast, traditionally grown cotton is grown with pesticides and chemicals that pollute the soil, air, and water, and the residual chemicals can irritate baby’s delicate skin. It takes roughly one-third of a pound of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) to grow enough cotton for just one t-shirt.

Organic baby clothes are ideal for babies with sensitive skin as well as for moms and dads who want to protect the environment for future generations.

Organic farming of fibers helps save our water, air, and environment; overall, they are better for our bodies, our homes and our planet.

Pure and Honest Kid’s organic baby clothing lines are grown using sustainable farming practices under fair-trade and fair-wage conditions.

How much of a priority organic baby clothing and products are for your baby depends largely on your budget and how tolerant you feel your baby is to the chemicals in the clothing and apparel. If you do decide to go organic, you can rest easy that your baby is wearing the purest, safest and finest breathable organic cotton.

Pure and Honest Kids offers many organic baby products lines, including Kee-Ka, New Jammies, Erbaorganics, Petit Lem and Yellow Label Kids.

For a complete list of organic clothing and products available at Pure and Honest Kids, go to,170.html?CFID=129944066&CFTOKEN=62704271.

It’s exciting to do the right thing by protecting our environment, all the while offering stylish, chic, organic products. When you buy organic, you not only invest in your child's health, but you invest in our planet and our future. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Check out our great organic baby product lines today! Going green never looked so good….

Happy Shopping!

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