Sunday, December 4, 2011

How Often Do You Talk to your Child's Teacher?!?!

When I came across this article on the Lil Sugar website, I must admit, it made me chuckle. I am what you call a "need to know" kind of mom. I crave information on what my child does at school. And since I get so little info out of my five year-old, sometimes I may linger at the door at pick-up, just to try to get some scoop.

One way my daughter's teacher communicates with the parents is a communication log. It is stapled to the inside cover of my daughter's folder that comes home with her each day. I can write the teacher a note or ask her a question, and she responds right under my note. The teacher can also use the log to communicate with me, too. The communication log has really cut down the hallway chatter that comes with drop-off and pick-up and I feel more informed than in years past.

The article from Lil Sugar talks about how some teachers' quest to communicate more with parents via classroom email accounts has backfired because they are inundated with emails they don't have time to answer.

Tell me...what ways do you communicate with your child's teacher? What works and what doesn't? Do you wish your child's teacher communicated more or less than he or she does? Sound off in the comments section below.

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