Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dads Can Help New Moms...Even with Breastfeeding!

Almost all new mothers get some form of the "new mommy blues." Figuring out how to care for your newborn is quite stressful, and the dynamics of your relationship with your husband or partner can change as you figure out this thing called motherhood.

A friend of mine who has a six week-old called me this morning, and said, "Breastfeeding is so hard. I am so tired. And me and my husband are trying to remember that we like each other." I can totally relate! Those first few months can be tough for everyone.

I ran across this article today from a website called Giggle Gab and thought of my friend. This article touches on how a partner or husband can help a new mom's adjustment, even when it comes to breastfeeding. Your hubby may not have the equipment to actually feed the baby, but they can still help. Check out the article here.

Hang in there, new moms! It does get easier. And remember, ask for help when you need it!

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