Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Green App!

A big trend in nursery decorating these days is eco-friendly designs. There are so many ways to go organic when it comes to preparing your baby’s room, and now there is an app to help you figure out how to make your baby’s room as “green” as possible. It’s called “The Peaceful Nursery” app, and it can be yours for $2.

Created by Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes (authors of the book, also named The Peaceful Nursery), it guides expectant parents on how to best design an organic nursery for their new arrival. The app also shares great tips for how parents can prepare for the early months with baby with eco-friendly and pure products.

Did you know that there are organic baby mattresses on the market? How about organic baby bedding? There is even organic baby furniture that is made from non-toxic means and won’t omit gases from the chemicals and glues normally used to make furniture. Who knew there were so many ways to make a greener and more healthy lifestyle for our babies, even before they get here!

Check out the app here if you are in the market for an organic nursery.

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