Monday, November 15, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...Card!

It’s that time of year again…time to prepare for the (often dreaded) family photo for the annual Christmas card!

Something that should be fun and easy is oftentimes very stressful... your kids won’t cooperate, your husband is complaining about having to smile on cue, and you are thinking to yourself, "Why do I put myself through this every year?"

Hopefully this year will be different! Here are some tips to help your Christmas card photo session go well!

- Don’t be above bribery!
Come armed to the photo session with snacks, lollipops and bubbles…anything to get your kids through the shoot while keeping a smile on their faces!

- Keep the weather in mind.
Sometimes you may have the perfect outfits picked out, but if you are doing an outside photo session and it is terribly cold that day, it might be time to ditch the cute, coordinated outfits and go with something warmer, like coats, gloves and toboggans. A happy child in a winter coat is better than a teary one who is cold!

- Bring a helper.
Consider bringing grandma or a favorite baby-sitter who get the kids’ attentions during a family photo or can play with one child while the other one is getting photographed. An extra set of hands can alsofix collars, flyaway hairs and clothes once you are all posed.

- Less is more.
The family itself should be the focal point of the card. If you try to incorporate too many props, your Christmas card may become too busy or can get “cheesy.” Just keep it simple for a beautiful holiday card that you’ll treasure for years to come.

- Don’t be afraid to be “candid.”
Sometimes it’s hard to capture a good photo of the entire family, especially when you have little ones who have trouble sitting still for more than a few seconds! Just interact with one another and leave it to your photographer to capture holiday magic. Candid pictures sometimes make more interesting holiday cards than posed ones anyways!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas card this holiday season!

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