Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Talk

Do you ever wish you could communicate with your baby? Decipher his or her cries? Know what it is that they really want versus playing a guessing game? Well, according to Pricilla Dunstan, a Sydney, Australia mom who was born with a rare photographic memory for sounds, "all babies, regardless of race or culture, make the same sounds." She spent two years working with babies around the world and soon found a pattern in the way they cried.

Someone has finally cracked the code on how to decipher the wants and needs of newborn babies!

Dunstan found that all babies have five “words” to communicate their needs. These words are actually reflexes that occur automatically during the first three months whenever your baby needs to eat, sleep, be burped or is uncomfortable. If you can learn to recognize these sounds and respond to them, your baby will cry less, settle more easily, and have more uninterrupted sleep. WOW is all I have to say! Why didn't I know this information when my kids were newborns?

Here are the five words your newborn will say, what they mean, and how to react: (Source: Just the Facts, Baby)

1. Neh means “I’m hungry.”

When your baby is hungry, she will say "neh" or "nah." According to Dunstan, you are listening for the "n" part of the sound. She also said that "neh" is the easiest to hear when your baby is in the pre-cry phase before she starts screaming. As soon as your infant begins to cry, listen for the "neh" sound to determine if she needs to be fed.

2. Owh means “I’m tired.”

Dunstan said this sound is created when sound is added to the yawn reflex. Your baby’s mouth will also be oval shape while they are saying: “owh.” This means it’s night-night time!

3. Eh mean “I need to be burped.”

This sound is produced when muscles in the infant’s chest tighten and sound is added. Start burping your infant whenever you hear “eh.” Dunstan said you will know when to stop burping your baby because she will stop saying “eh.”

4. Eairh means “Give me some relief.”

"Eairh" means your baby has gas. Respond when you hear "eairh" by doing an infant massage technique used to relive gas pains.

5. Heh means “I’m uncomfortable.”

When your baby says, "heh," it could mean he or she is hot, cold or needs to change positions. Do what you can to make your baby feel at ease.

Now you can better communicate with your newborn! This information may bring into your home more peace, more happiness, and more sleep!

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