Sunday, September 20, 2009

How To Juggle Your Toddler and Baby’s Schedule When Nursing

Our second child, a son, was born a few weeks ago, and everything is much more relaxed at home the second time around. One of my main concerns, though, when preparing for our son's arrival was how was I going to find the time to nurse him with my three year-old daughter at home, too? Would she get upset when it was time to nurse my son? Would she get into trouble during feeding times?

I decided to be proactive about this concern, and here are some wonderful tips I found while researching:

- Have a designated nursing area. Ideally, with a toddler at home, the room you choose to nurse in will be childproof, have plenty of toys and books to occupy your toddler, and be a safe environment to let your child explore while you nurse.

- Prepare snacks and juice before you sit down to nurse for your toddler. Inevitably, your toddler will want to partake in snack time as soon as its time to feed, so it’s better to be proactive and have snack and juice readily available.

- Create a big sister/big brother box that you only pull out during feeding times. Stock it full of coloring books, crayons, stickers, arts and crafts and other inexpensive time fillers that will make your older child smile with delight!

- If you are not opposed to television for your toddler, consider letting him or her watch a special show during one of your feedings.

- Have a stash of your toddler’s favorite books in your nursing area. Once you become an experienced nursing mother, you can use your free hand to read to your toddler during feeding times.

Nursing can be a wonderful experience the second time around, especially if you are well- equipped and ready to entertain your toddler during feeding times. Enjoy bonding with your baby and with your toddler during this very special time in your newborn’s life.

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