Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby on the Go!

Most moms and dads are always on the go, so it pays to stay organized when it comes to traveling and running errands with your little one!

Pure and Honest Kids has the perfect tool to help you do just's called Baby on the Go set!

This awesome little set holds everything your growing baby needs! Perfect for packing snacks and meals for trips, picnics or just an afternoon out, this portable meal and snack set includes 4 sippy cups with 8 lids, 2 bowls with lids, 2 fork and spoon sets, and 2 small serving cups with lids that are just oh–so cute.

Everything you need is in one stylish, organized tote! No more searching through your diaper bag to find what you need!

It comes packaged in a multi–use carrying case. The carrying cases and contents inside come in many different color options, including blue, green, orange and pink.

We love this set and so will you! Measures 8.75" x 6".


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