Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Keep Those Germs Away with High Chair and Shopping Cart Covers

As winter approaches, viruses and germs become more prevalent, making parents take extra care to protect their little ones from potential illness! One way you can keep the germs away from your baby is by using a shopping cart cover and high chair cover available at Pure and Honest Kids!

High chair covers from Tuffet Too are a necessity this winter. If you go out-to-eat and you take your little one, you'll definitely want to invest in one! With a high chair cover, you'll be able to keep your baby clean and away from all the disgusting germs that cover so many restaurant high chairs. Additionally, restaurant high chairs are hard and very uncomfortable and a high chair cover from Tuffet will make eating out a more comfortable, cozy experience for your baby.

The Tuffet Too high chair covers come in three great patterns, including Baby Stripe, Pink Chocolate, and Paisley Punch.

Here are some of our favorite high chair covers from Tuffet Too. Don't forget to add one to your Pure and Honest Kids GiftList registry today!

A shopping cart cover will also keep your baby nice and clean in those sometimes gross and germy shopping carts. We carry two lines of shopping cart covers- the Tuffet Too covers and Caden Lane covers. Both are stylish, adorable and safe!

Tuffet’s shopping cart covers come in four great styles, each with its own unique and adorable trim. Those styles include: Baby Stripe, Classy Plaid, Paisley Punch, and Pink Chocolate.

We also carry Caden Lane’s shopping cart covers in the Caden Lane Red Circle pattern, Light Blue Swirl pattern, and the Light Pink Swirl pattern. The Caden Lane shopping cart covers feature a front pocket for snacks, clips for baby toys and a safety belt for added security. The Caden Lane shopping cart covers also double as high chair covers, too!

Not only are the shopping cart covers protection against germs, these covers are also soft and padded to keep your little one comfy in the cart while you shop, shop, shop away!

These items make a great Pure and Honest Kids GiftList registry item!

Check out some of our favorite styles below.

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