Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doodle Dolls= Hours of Fun for Your Little One!

Check out this great new toy from Pure and Honest KidsDoodle Dolls by Manuella. It’s a Pure and Honest Kids top pick!

A Doodle Doll is a doll made out of special water-resistant paper that children can scribble on. The doll comes with a colorful set of markers. Your child’s imagination can run wild with this creative and innovative toy!

Doodle Dolls are sure to create endless hours of creative fun. Your child can create any kind of face and clothing he or she wishes! And if your little artist wants to change up the doll’s outfits, face or personal features, all you have to do is machine wash your Doodle Doll and they can start over from scratch. Talk about meshing art with play!

Available in both boy and girl Doodle Dolls. Doodle Dolls make great birthday gifts and big brother/big sister gifts, too!

Measures 18".
$42 from Pure and Honest Kids

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