Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top 10 Items to Keep In Your Diaper Bag!

A well stocked diaper bag is essential to make outings with your child a success! But what should you put in your trendy diaper bag? Here is a list of Top 10 Items from Pure and Honest Kids that are necessary to have in your diaper bag to make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way when traveling with baby!
1. Diapers and Wipes
Diaps and wipes are a must and something you’ll probably need every time you leave your home.

Consider packing one to two diapers for every hour you plan on being away from your house, plus an emergency stash! It is better to be safe than sorry, so over pack your diapers!

As for baby wipes, consider keeping them in a hard plastic case, to ensure freshness and that they do not dry out. Remember all the many uses of baby wipes…wiping dirty hands, dirty faces, dirty tables…you get the drift. The more wipes you have, the better!

2. Changing Pad
Having your own changing pad when you are out and about is a good idea! You know where your changing pad has been and can control germs a little better when using your own personal changing pad!

Some diaper bags, such as the Kalencom Cocoa Disco Dots diaper bag (available at Pure and Honest Kids for $60.00) comes with its own matching changing pad! This stylish bag comes with a large coordinating, padded changing pad that folds up neatly in the bag, not taking up a lot of space. A perfect accessory for your diaper bag!

3. Medicines and Diaper Rash Ointment
Keeping your diaper bag stocked with medicines for immunization appointments and fevers that pop up while out is so important! Keep separate fever reduction/pain reliever medications in your diaper bag so you always have what you need while traveling.

Diaper ointment is also a necessity to keep in your diaper bag. You never know when diaper rash will appear, so be ready!

Also consider keeping other medical necessities and safety items in your diaper bag, such as band-aids, nail clippers, antibiotic ointment, tissues, sunblock, and teething gel.

4. Plastic Bags for Wet or Dirty Stuff
Always have a stash of plastic bags in your diaper bag to help keep wet or dirty diapers separate from the rest of the items in your bag. You can buy a plastic bag dispenser (refills available) or you can use stock your bag with sandwich bags or plastic grocery bags.

Some diaper bags also come with its own plastic storage bag for wet or soiled items. The Apple Green Tote from Elegant baby has this feature and is available at Pure and Honest Kids for $42.00.

5. Change of Clothes
Keeping a change of clothes (or two) stored away in your diaper bag is always a good idea, especially those first few months when baby is spitting up quite a bit! Babies are messy, and having a spare outfit readily available will certainly come in handy.

6. Feeding Essentials, Snacks and Juice for Baby and Mommy
Do you ever feel like life with baby revolves around feeding? That’s because it does! Always be prepared with the essential bottles, foods or snacks, depending on the age of your child.
For infants and babies, have readily available bottles, formula or breast milk, as well as water (if you are using formula), additional liquids and baby food.

Some diaper bags come with its own matching bottle insulator. Check out the Caden Lane Mia Backpack diaper bag (available at Pure and Honest Kids for $150.00.) This is a great feature to look for in a diaper bag as you’ll always have a clean, yet cute place to insulate your baby’s bottles!

Snacks, juice and age appropriate food is essential for older children as well. Don’t forget eating child-friendly utensils, placemats and plates, too!

7. Diversions…Books, Toys and Pacifiers
A busy baby is usually a happy baby, so keep plenty of “distractions” in your diaper bag!
Board books are always great to have because they are small in size, but entertaining to your child. You may also want to include favorite toys, teething rings, a blanket and a pacifier, if your child enjoys them!

8. Bibs
You never know when a meal time or snack might pop up while you are out, so it is wise to keep a bib or two in your diaper bags. This will keep your child clean(er) and hopefully prevent you from using that extra pair of clothes you have stored in your diaper bag!

9. Burp Cloth
Inevitably, your baby is going to spit up or drool while you are away from your home, and having a burp cloth tucked away in your diaper bag will certainly come in handy. You’ll be surprised at how useful your burp cloth will become and how often you have to use it.

10. Hand sanitizer
You can always use some hand sanitizer while you are out with your baby to help fight off germs that lurk everywhere. Keep it tucked away in an easily accessible pocket and use it often!

Another tip from Pure and Honest Kids--be sure to keep your diaper bag in the car or by the door so you do not forget it. Your diaper bag is like a MasterCard---don’t leave home with out it!

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