Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For Modest Mamas!

Are you a breastfeeding mother who is looking for a stylish, yet functional way to nurse in public? Look no further than the Bebe au Lait nursing cover from Pure and Honest Kids.

From Bebe au Lait (a.k.a. Hooters Hiders), this chic, practical, award winning nursing cover is sought after by nursing moms everywhere!

Bebe au Lait is a nursing cover with a simple blend of beautiful fabrics thoughtfully chosen with chic moms in mind. A unique feature of the Bebe au Lait is the ability to shape the top edge, so that mom can see baby, and baby can see mom, an essential part of mother and child bonding during feeding times.

Unlike any old blanket used while breastfeeding, the Bebe au Lait is firmly attached to the nursing mother, so that Baby can’t grab it and throw it off, compromising Mommy’s modesty!

Each nursing cover is generously sized to fit every nursing mother. The neck strap is completely adjustable. A terry cloth panel at the bottom corner is perfect for little clean-ups. The Bebe au Lait folds up nicely to easily toss into any purse or diaper bag. A perfect accessory for nursing moms everywhere!

Bebe au Lait nursing cover has got you covered …in style!

Priced at $35.00.

Comes in many different styles such as Cream Soda (cream colored with a vibrant floral pattern), Newport (brown with blue floral), Soft Spot (white with red and pink polka dot pattern), and Yoko (black and white with a gorgeous Japanese inspired pattern), plus many other beautiful patterns!

Don’t forget to have add a Bebe au Lait nursing cover to your Pure and Honest GiftList! Makes a great gift….

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