Saturday, March 1, 2008

Check out a Pure and Honest Favorite, Packin' Smart, on the CBS Early Show!

Say goodbye to messy diaper bags! One of our favorite products that Pure and Honest Kids offers, Packin Smart, was featured on the CBS Early Show this morning, Saturday, March 1 during a segment called, “New Gadgets for Parents of Infants and Toddlers.”

What a great way to keep your snacks organized while on the go! It is a stackable container set that can store formula, snacks, pacifiers and so much more! The Packin’ Smart comes in a set of five containers, each holding one-third cup of snacks or 8 ounces of formula.

Each compartment has its own removable funnel-shaped lid for easy dispensing. Packin Smart is easy enough for even your toddler to get their own snacks out.

The container set is stain, shatter and odor resistant-you can’t beat that!

Packin' Smart is an iParenting Media Award and Georgia Family Magazine's Best Baby Products Award in 2007.
Dishwasher safe. $19.99

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